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Lloyd: 24000 TEU container ship is coming

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Lloyd's register (LR) recently announced, the future of 24000TEU container ship will soon be put into the global ocean shipping trade.
Lloyd's classification society cargo manager David Tozer said, 12 years ago, the market researchers seek to design and build up to 18000 TEUs Malacca type container ships, container ship market are believed to have been madness. But as time goes on, the market will soon be 24000TEU container ship.
At present, the world's largest container ship is CSCL custom-made 19100TEU container ship. The ship over the Maersk's 3E grade up to 18000 TEUs of container ship.
Tozer said that market participants are still want to know the cargo market development in the future, they need to control the development, and become a part of the development. Large cargo companies such as Maersk, CSCL, Evergreen Marine and CMA CGM has invested 17000-19000TEU container ship, he said. With the freight demand, the demand of large container ships is increasing. Therefore, the emergence of the 24000TEU container ship is only a matter of time.
Penfold Ocean Shipping Consultants (OSC), the project director, Andrew, also said that the capacity of the largest container ship, which is currently being put into operation, increased by 20%. Andrew Penfold said, the next 2 years will be the construction of South Korean shipyard or 24000TEU container ship.
Penfold noted that the study showed that the cost of the 24000TEU container ship could be reduced by 23.1% compared with the 12500TEU container ship, and the cost of the 24000TEU could be reduced by 17.4% compared with the 16000TEU. He expects that in 2016, South Korean shipyard will start building a large number of 24000TEU container ship.
The conclusion of Penfold is that we have not yet reached the limits of the size of the container ship ".

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