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Jiacheng Lee in the field of shipping logistics to increase the bargaining chip

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Cash in some property on the mainland, "Superman" Li Jiacheng began to overweight the shipping and logistics industry.
He Jianzhong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of communications, said at the new conference, to speed up the construction of international shipping center, including Shanghai, Tianjin Binhai New Area, Dalian, Wuhan and Chongqing. Li Jiacheng Hutchison Port Group has quietly become the largest shareholder of a Waigaoqiao wharf, and is expected to become the controlling party.
This is the East Wharf Waigaoqiao wharf, founded in 2005, the registered capital of 4000000000 yuan. Shareholders of the Hong Kong Group and Hutchison Port Waigaoqiao (Hongkong) Co. Ltd., each accounted for 50% of shares. Hong Kong Group on the Shanghai Stock Exchange listed on the transfer of Shanghai Ming East Container Terminal Co., Ltd. 20% stake, listing price of 1446000000 yuan. If the transfer is successful, the proportion of the upper port holdings will fall from 50% to 30%, and another shareholder Li Jiacheng's and the port group has become the largest shareholder of the port group.
From the Shanghai stock exchange public information display, in 2013, the East Pier in the year to achieve operating income of 1677000000 yuan, net profit of 624000000 yuan, as of the end of 2013, the total assets of 4656000000 yuan, net assets of 4420000000 yuan. From 1 to July this year, the operating income reached 1041000000 yuan in the east pier, net profit of 396000000 yuan.
According to reports, the Ming East Pier currently operates Waigaoqiao five, six container terminals, the Waigaoqiao phase V pier is located in the Yangtze River Estuary on the 5th groove area, covers an area of 163 million square meters. Waigaoqiao five quay length of 1110 meters, 4 50000 ton container berths, and 2 3000 ton berths in line. Berth quay negative water depth 12.8 meters. Project every year to bring a steady contribution to the performance of the listing Corporation. In the 2013 annual report of the port group, the east pier is the listing Corporation's transport sector in the annual net profit of second major subsidiaries, second only to Shanghai Sheng East Container Terminal Co., ltd.. In addition, Ming Dong terminal management of Waigaoqiao phase six at the end of 2010 formally put into production, when Shanghai Hong first have the car roll loading and transportation quantity of container big theme function comprehensive port.
In mid August of this year, the port group on the announcement of plans to sell part of the equity interest in the eastern part of the intention, the first listing price is not less than the valuation of the company in the first half of after the deduction of the profit of the first half of 2014. But the announcement did not explicitly equity transfer price and the purpose of the transfer of the equity transfer. Netease property found that the transferee, the port group to the transferee qualification conditions for moderately, on the one hand must to domestic enterprises, and the intention of the transferee should be good financial status, the registered capital of not less than 20 billion yuan, total assets of not less than 40 billion yuan, assets and liabilities rate is not higher than 50% (in 2013 audit report for quasi), the intention of the transferee party or its control associated with the company has engaged in foreign trade and domestic trade container transportation business qualification. If the intention of the transfer, the transferee must be a one-time payment of all transactions.
In this regard, insiders pointed out that at present, the old shareholders of Hutchison Port Waigaoqiao did not expressly waive preemption. Therefore, Li Jiacheng's and the port group is likely to take this 20% stake, becoming the ultimate controlling party.
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