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Maersk shipping or shipbuilding will invest $15000000000

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In the next five years, Maersk shipping investment 150 million dollars new, transformation of the ship, which shows both the global shipping giants on the market in the future good, also for the shipbuilding industry is a major positive.
According to Reuters, Maersk Line for maintain the status as the world's largest container shipping company, plan from the 2015 and 2019 per year for new ship expenditure of $30 billion.
Maersk CEO Shi Suo Ren said, in the next five years, Maersk Line each year will invest 30 billion, invested a total of about $150 billion for construction of new ships, the transformation of the ship and information technology and other related fields. Maersk said that as the world's largest container shipping company, the handheld orders have been behind the market growth.
Maersk Line in the presentation said: "no matter in any industry, keep the maximum cost reduction is based on the position of."
It is unclear how many ships Maersk will order. Maersk current fleet size of 500 container ships.
According to the data of forecasts alphaliner this month. At present, the world's second largest container shipping company Swiss Mediterranean Shipping handheld orders maximum expected in 2016 can exceed the Maersk Line.
Maersk Line Control of the world's busiest route -- 20% cargo transportation between Asia Europe line. From a global point of view, the market share of around 15%.
Since the 2008 financial crisis, cargo market has been plagued by excess capacity problems, because before the economic crisis custom-made new ship has been in the market operation, which leads to the main route between Asia and Europe is in deficit condition.
It is understood that the world's largest container shipping companies in the world, only 4 in the first half of 2014 to achieve profitability. Maersk Line is the most profitable company, profits accounted for half of them, the seventh consecutive quarter income higher than peers 5 percentage points.

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