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About Us

About Us

Clarence Electronics is located in Hongkou District of Shanghai City, was found in 2002, and is a professional supplier who producing and trading electrical appliance for marine use, Such as washing machine, Fridge, Microwave Oven, Garbage compactor. Vacuum cleaner, almost all kinds homety electronics and hand tools, pumps. And agent products of Palibric Supper AB,  all our products have been approved by ISO9000 and Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protect.

With many years developed and hard works of our staffs, we are now the biggest ship use electronics supplier in China, we could delivery quick supply and good quality products to our customers at Shanghai port, and also export to many countries, such as Singapore, Dubai, USA, Korea etc. As a responsibility company and good quality products supplier, our service and products are welcomed by most of our customers and have build good relationships with them.

As a leading and one of the biggest marine electric appliance producer, we absorbed some talent in appliance industry and focus on research marine electric characteristic, that make our product more suitable to be used on vessels. and issue our products is good quality and energy saving.

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